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First Digital Friday focuses on design and product safety

Julia Bernert

Published on 02.06.2021

How does an unsafe promotional product compare to a safe one? What do you have to look out for in the design and procurement process to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises? And what does a sustainable design look like from an ecological and social point of view? Designer and safety engineer Lutz Gathmann and management consultant Bianca Seidel have the answers to these and many other questions. They and other experts will share their knowledge at the first Digital Friday on 11 June 2021, which is all about design and product safety.

Make mistakes when they are still cheap

In the European Economic Area, only safe products may be placed on the market according to various legal regulations. While mistakes in product development and procurement are still comparatively cheap, they can be expensive later on. Therefore, Lutz Gathmann recommends to deal with safety-relevant factors directly in the development phase and to optimise the processes. In his half-hour lecture starting at 9.30 a.m., he will discuss how later risks can be minimised and, using various practical examples, show how we can sharpen our own senses to be able to distinguish safe products from unsafe ones at first glance.

Be future-proof with leasing jeans

When you no longer buy your jeans, but lease them, and when plastics are made from vegetable oil instead of mineral oil, dinosaurs with no future prospects become companies with vision. In her lecture starting at 11 a.m., management consultant Bianca Seidel explains how products are designed according to ecological and social aspects and why “ecodesign” is the keyword of the future. She will refer to various national and international political efforts for a more sustainable tomorrow, including the German Supply Chain Act, the European Union’s Green Deal and the United Nations’ Social Development Goals, or SDGs for short. In doing so, she makes clear why the textile industry in particular has a duty to adapt its framework conditions in the long term. Using examples, she also shows how this can be done successfully.

What’s still in store

On 11 June, three sessions will focus on design and product safety. In addition, various of the more than 120 international exhibitors will present their innovations in live sessions during the digital event. All participants will also have the opportunity to review the contents of the previous 48-hour kick-off event, which took place digitally from 19 to 21 May 2021. The PSI Product and Supplier Finder can also be browsed again during the Digital Friday. For all PSI members, this offer will continue until the next PSI, which will take place again in Düsseldorf from 11 to 13 January 2022.

How to take part

Both PSI members and non-members can take part free of charge. Members simply register with their PSI access data in the PSI Product Finder. Non-members can register free of charge using a personal voucher code they receive from a member.

Six more digital events in the starting blocks

After the PSI Digital kick-off in May, a Digital Friday will be held on every second Friday of the month from June onwards, focusing on different topics. The next Fridays will focus on topics around Christmas, sustainability and the Sustainability Awards, Gusto & Gastro, outdoor, the global industry and textiles.

The next presence fair will take place from 11 to 13 January 2022 in the Düsseldorf exhibition halls.

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