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Climate neutral from A to Z

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 23.06.2021

Reidinger, based in Hammelburg/Germany, has been manufacturing pencils under the label “Made in the EU” for more than 35 years. All articles as well as business operations are now 100 % climate neutral. CO2 emissions are avoided and reduced to the greatest possible extent from timber harvesting to production, sales and employee mobility, printing, packaging, the entire logistics system as well as the disposal of the pencils at the end of their life cycle. All non-avoidable CO2 emissions are calculated and compensated in cooperation with ClimatePartner.

The projects such as regional tree planting activities, forest protection measures in Peru and Zambia or projects to promote clean drinking water in Cambodia are certified according to the highest international standards and evaluated by independent third-parties. Thanks to the ClimatePartner process, climate neutrality can be monitored in a transparent manner. At you will find the certificate of climate neutrality as well as information on how much CO2  the company has compensated up to now.  

On request, the products can be labelled with the climate neutral logo. This way, advertising companies can actively integrate climate protection into their advertising message.