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Handmade Premium Popcorn from Berlin

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 14.07.2021

New to the PSI network is the young company “Popkornditorei Knalle”. In the manufactory of the Berlin-based startup stands for exceptional quality and uniquely crafted popcorn variants, all handmade in Knalle’s own kitchen in the east of Berlin. Each Kernel is carefully selected, then caramelised and baked for an extra crunch, containing only the finest ingredients.

Knalle’s colourful and charming appearance makes for an ideal gift for partners, clients and employees alike and comes in bags of 100, 50 and 10 grams, which can customised starting at quantities of 100 bags. The customisation ranges from additional logo prints to a fully customised label, as well as customised shipping boxes with individual greeting cards. Individual shipping is available as well, fully GDPR compliant. Popkornditorei Knalle is a fully carbon-neutral company and works in close cooperation with sheltered workshops from Berlin, which are responsible for packing and shipping each box.

Contact: Tel +49 30 68326970 • knalle@popkornditorei.de