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“Tip”-top New Upcycling Concept

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 24.11.2021

Recycled PET drinks bottles meet recycled aluminium drinks cans: according to a release by the writing instrument specialist, the uma rPET PRO series is “one of the most sustainable writing instrument developments in the promotional industry”. Climate-neutral, European, and Global Recycled Standard certified production forms the basis for durable and sustainable writing here. The new upcycling concept expands the previously straightforward recycled PET writing instrument series by chic metal applications. One recycled aluminium 150ml drinks can produces 10 high-quality metal tips, which meet one PET housing from a 0.5L PET bottle.

“This way, with the uma RECYCLED PET PEN PRO SI you’re not only writing ‘Recycled2’, but also one of the most sustainable stories in promotional writing instruments,” assures uma managing director Alexander Ullmann. The successful uma PET PEN PRO series continues to grow with the additional variant and metal tip, offering promoting companies a genuine solution for sustainable and climate-neutral promotion. CI-friendly promoting is guaranteed at the same time, since the recycled PET material is offered in 12 standard colours and, in contrast to other recycled materials, can also be dyed in accordance with the PMS. An image film demonstrates the qualities of the new variant HERE.