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Design and quality development at is going digital

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 04.04.2022

BRANDS Fashion,  a European vendor of sustainable corporate workwear, is giving a breath of fresh air to its product designs thanks to using the design program CLO 3D. The goal is to avoid elaborately produced samples and faulty production runs by having a faithful depiction of garments. This not only makes economic sense; it also conserves valuable resources.

Thanks to the 3D projection with a faithful depiction of the texture of the textiles, it is possible to “put” the garments on the digital models known as avatars. This way, people can see directly what a print or a special cut looks like when it is worn. A customer can thus practically be shown what their design would look like, such as in an oversized look, or could see what it looks like if the trousers are set at a 7/8 leg length – all without having to produce a sample.

This new presentation of the collection with CLO 3D is not only interesting for designers to present new designs to customers, but also for quality development. “We can stitch cuts together, put them on a digital model and see whether they fit or whether it pinches somewhere”, explains Katja Schöck, Director of Quality Development.

Moreover, being able to try out the designs digitally has other practical advantages. The program also has kid avatars, which is something that often is not available in practice. The avatars come in all sizes and they are really patient when trying on clothes. Cut makers who often are located in Asia and do not have European models available to try out their styles also benefit. “Through images and animation, mistakes can be avoided beforehand. This is how quality development also boosts sustainable development at BRANDS Fashion through sampling in a resource-conserving and cost-saving manner”.

Picture: The cuts are “stitched together” on a digital model.