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Nature Inside: Plastic Made from Vegetable Oil

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 04.04.2022

In 2022 Koziol is going a step further in the direction of sustainability and is processing bio-circular plastic with wood cellulose for the first time. The circular plastic is extracted from discarded sunflower and rape seed oil from the industrial sector and food industry. The oils are collected and converted into plastic in a special recycling process. In this manner, these materials can be reused in a meaningful way for the first time; up until now, they could only be thermally recycled.  Moreover, no additional farmland is required. The added wood fibres come from trees that accumulate during forest management and residues from paper production.

All of the wood comes from European cultivation and is FSC-certified. The new material combines wood’s positive properties, such as insulation capability and naturalness, with the advantages of plastic, such as elasticity, lightness and customised colourability. The material does not contain any melamine, BPA or bamboo. It is of course, food safe and can be fully recycled. Everything is produced sustainably and locally in the Odenwald region of Germany. In short, it has an intelligent and attractive design, and it makes our lives easier and our environment a little greener. What is more, the new look is convincing as well: It lives up to the Koziol motto “A good design with a good conscience”.