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mbw®: Carbon neutrality – every step counts

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 05.07.2022

The products from the company mbw® from Germany’s north find their way not only into customers’ hearts, but into their homes as well, and for that reason alone, they enjoy a particularly long lifetime. Along the way, the topic of sustainability is very close to the northern German company’s heart. The motto here is: Avoid, reduce, compensate. For example, the company has already long refrained from using unnecessary packaging and superfluous paper. Many employees come from the immediate vicinity. Recycled and recyclable materials are used, and the company is constantly on the lookout for alternative raw materials. What is more, mbw® provides assistance with micro-projects in understanding and supporting nature conservation.

However, it is not yet possible to avoid all emissions entirely. The good thing, though, is: anything that is discharged at one point can be economised at another. mbw® offers its customers the option to acquire all products – with or without printing – carbon-neutrally. With carbon-neutral products, CO2 emissions that arise along the production route are calculated and compensated through targeted investment in a climate conservation project. Every carbon-neutral product from mbw® can be provided with a label that the customer can check for authenticity by means of an individual ID tracking number. In addition, the order-maker receives a certificate concerning the compensated CO2 emissions. This generates reliable transparency and guarantees enduring certainty for all. More information and advice at: