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What is worth winning an award for? How your submission scores with the jury of the PSI Sustainability Awards

Julia Bernert

Published on 08.09.2022

What makes a submission for the PSI Sustainability Awards worthy of an award? The jury’s answer is: it depends on the content provided. After all, each submission can only be evaluated as the scope and information content of the documents allow. Specifically, a stand-alone link to an existing website is not enough for the judges to make a sound assessment.

The submission deadline for the PSI Sustainability Awards is October 14, 2022, but what makes the difference between nominated and award-worthy campaigns, products and strategies? What scores points with the jury, which consists of ten international representatives from four nations? They are all proven experts from the promotional products business and industry who carefully evaluate each individual submission independently of one another via the purely digital PSI Award platform. In this way, all entrants are equally guaranteed the highest degree of neutrality – in a multi-perspective process.

All relevant certificates, seals and standards are stored in the purely digital submission platform. There, they can be tracked via a simple drop-down procedure. Each certificate, seal, and standard is assigned points and ultimately affects the final score – whether in the initial categories or for products and campaigns.

Get the most out of your submission with these tips:

  1. Complete company disclosures.

  2. Complete certificates: here it is important that you submit all certificates related to the company (and to the product in the case of product submissions). Each certificate, seal and standard is evaluated by the system behind the submission platform in an elaborate algorithm and objectively assigned points. These certificates, seals and standards thus form the basis for your overall score. Missing, incorrect, expired or blackened certificates cannot be included in the evaluation by the jury. Therefore, the completeness of all documents and their correctness is essential for a PSI Sustainability Award.

  3. Extensive and fact-based descriptions of the submitted campaigns, products and the company help the jury to obtain a substantive overall impression.

  4. Extensive and meaningful image documentation helps the jury understand the submission during the digital evaluation. In the system, it is possible to upload videos in addition to photos. Make use of this possibility! The jury considers and evaluates all components of a submission.

  5. For products and campaigns, real, literally “tangible” samples are essential. These are sifted through in parallel by our team, catalogued and presented to the jury in the digital jury kickoff session. Each product and campaign is carefully considered again here. Each jury member has access to the submissions throughout the entire evaluation phase and can view them online at any time. In the case of campaigns, it is also important to illuminate the story behind them for the jury – keyword storytelling. Without the knowledge behind the product or its integration into a campaign or at the POS, the jury cannot evaluate products that have been taken out of context, or can only evaluate them inadequately.