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Cooperation between BRANDS Promotion and MBRC the ocean

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 23.01.2023

MBRC the ocean GmbH is cooperating with BRANDS Promotion, the promotional department of BRANDS Fashion. Part of the proceeds from the jointly produced, branded and ecologically sustainably manufactured promotional products for well-known customers are passed on to the MBRC Foundation. The MBRC Foundation is a non-profit foundation, which exclusively uses proceeds from donations for providing clean-up equipment and organises clean-up events worldwide with the support of volunteers to free the seas of plastic. Among the goals of the foundation is also to educate the next generations about environmental protection. With their cooperation in the form of fashionable accessories, MBRC the ocean and BRANDS promotion wish to contribute together to freeing the oceans of plastic waste. 

Products such as key rings made from 100 per cent recycled plastic are also offered in the own online shop of MBRC the ocean. 

Refinement instead of pollution

MBRC the ocean uses the high level of expertise of BRANDS Promotion in the production of ecologically sustainable promotional products and has key rings, backpacks and bags made by the Buchholz-based producer based on high ecological and social standards with their own logo and the logos of other well-known partners.  “During the production of ecologically sustainable accessories and fashion, we explicitly rely on resource-saving recycling of raw materials and therefore have opted for BRANDS Promotion as a renowned supplier of fair and sustainably manufactured products”, explains Jasper Nikulka from MBRC the ocean. “We are delighted that we as partners can support MBRC the ocean in reducing reduce sea pollution“, asserts Christian Hoppmann from BRANDS Promotion. 

The sustainably manufactured quality products are certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Therefore, it is possible to trace the products back to the origins of the recycled material. For their production, old PET bottles and other plastic waste are collected, cleaned and shredded before being melted and spun into yarn.