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Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 15.05.2023

In mid-May, the bag specialist Halfar received the award or recertification as an ECOPROFIT company together with 13 other companies. This was already the fourth award for Halfar. As one of the pioneers of the project of the city of Bielefeld, Halfar hosted the anniversary event “20 years of ECOPROFIT” in its company premises.

A change in awareness and conviction are the first steps on the path to sustainability. Bielefeld-based bag specialist Halfar embarked on the path of sustainability some 20 years ago and has continued to pursue it consistently and thoughtfully ever since. Milestones of this development were, among others, the award within the framework of the ÖKOPROFIT project of the city of Bielefeld, which Halfar has now received for the fourth time. The company did not miss the opportunity to host the anniversary event “20 years of ECOPROFIT” at its headquarters. So 10 May was a very special day for Halfar, which was celebrated accordingly. (We report in detail in the July issue of the PSI Journal.)


Photo: Pleased with the fourth award (from left): Armin Halfar, Managing Director Halfar System GmbH; Oliver Krischer, Minister of the Environment of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia; Karin Schrader, Mayor of the City of Bielefeld.