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"Ethical Style 2024" for sustainable products

Redaktion PSI Journal

Published on 16.02.2024

Companies offering sustainably and fairly produced consumer goods were awarded the “Ethical Style” label by the Ambiente/Frankfurt trade show organiser. TFA Dostmann impressed the jury with its environmentally friendly products and received the “Ethical Style Label” for several items from its range.

One of the products submitted is the new CLOCK IN THE BOX designer wall clock. Packaged in a small box, it only reveals its true size when assembled. This innovative design saves both space and resources. The energy-saving, high-quality clockwork runs on an AA battery for up to 3 years – a sustainable solution for modern timekeeping.

The BatteryCheck Battery Tester also scored points for the Ethical Style Label. Without its own power supply, it helps to use batteries and rechargeable batteries efficiently and thus contributes to environmental protection and greater sustainability.

For the curated presentation “Ethical Style Spots” in the Ambiente Galleria (Galleria 0 & Hall 3, Foyer (VIA level), the organiser selected two TFA products for the category “Sustainable Innovation”:

The Energy-Saving Thermometer, made from beech wood, is characterised by its environmentally friendly production in Wertheim. Most of the raw materials used come from regional suppliers. The thermometer lasts a lifetime, consumes no energy and helps customers to save energy with temperature and ventilation recommendations.

The ECO STEP Digital Bathroom Scales are a prime example of energy efficiency. Without any battery, they generate enough energy for the entire weighing process at the simple press of a button. A clever, convenient solution that reduces the user’s ecological footprint.

“The award at Ambiente 2024 is not only a recognition of our efforts, but also an incentive to continue on the path of sustainability, and to take this aspect more and more into account when selecting our products,” explains Axel Dostmann, Managing Director of the mid-sized company.

Photo: The new CLOCK IN THE BOX designer wall clock © TFA Dostmann