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The Digital Fridays concentrate their programme

Julia Bernert

Published on 05.08.2021

“If the promotional products industry can’t meet in person, we’ll bring them together digitally”: with this aim, PSI opened a digital industry meeting for the first time in May 2021. From now on, promotional products manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, finishers and textile manufacturers were to be offered the opportunity to sourcing once a month accompanied by an extensive supporting programme until a real meeting is possible again. After the kickoff and two Digital Fridays, the concept is now being adapted to the needs of the industry. PSI Director Petra Lassahn explains what is changing.

The first digital events have already taken place. What was the response like?

The kickoff event in May was very successful. Around 3,500 participants from all over the world tuned in, who made over 20,000 search queries in the PSI Product Finder within 48 hours and clicked on the profiles of the participating companies over 10,000 times. This showed us that we had hit a nerve. However, the decreased interest in the programme of the subsequent monthly Digital Fridays showed us that digital formats with a fixed programme also have their limits. Now we are reacting to this and changing the concept so that it is more targeted to the needs of the industry.

What does the adapted concept look like?

PSI members and those interested in marketing will still be able to source products in the PSI Product Finder on the monthly dates and also access our exhibitors at the PSI Digital Fridays and the services otherwise reserved for members only, such as the PSI Supplier Finder or the On-Demand Programme, under the same conditions as before. However, we will concentrate the live supporting programme of the outstanding dates on the October date. Beyond that, there will no longer be a scheduled programme, but only on-demand.

What will October be about?

The focus on 1 October will be on sustainability. Nobody can avoid this topic right now and it is too important to let it fizzle out in the summer slump. That is why we have decided to postpone the event until October. In addition, the lectures, keynotes and best practices will again be international, as this was rightly one of the biggest criticisms of the previous Digital Fridays. We will also extend the day’s programme somewhat in order to have enough time for the most important developments and trends in sustainability.

What will happen afterwards?

We are already working on the implementation of the next PSI trade fair, which will finally take place again live in Düsseldorf from 11 to 13 January 2022. Here, too, we are currently planning an exciting programme with all the important and current topics. And of course, the focus will once again be on the largest European product show when it comes to promotional products. As well as personal networking under safe conditions, because that is precisely what we have all had to do without for far too long now. For all those who can’t be there live, we will also be incorporating digital elements in January, because unfortunately the pandemic will probably be with us for some time and the hybrid concept offers very good and new possibilities for this. So we are getting ready to finally bring the promotional products industry together under one roof again next year and we are really looking forward to it.

Thank you very much, Petra Lassahn.